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About us

SD Solutions is a distributor of hi-rel electronic components for demanding applications (space, airspace, etc.). We focus on products of the world leading manufacturers listed in QML, QPL, EPPL.
Our highly qualified staff has over 10 years of experience in the field of electronic component distribution that  makes us so reliable partner for  foreign manufacturers as the products we offer our Russian customers.
The products we focus on are mainly  used in the following applications:
  • various spacecraft  such as  launch vehicles, satellites
  • aircraft instruments, devices  and systems
  • radars and other radio  equipment
  • electronic equipment for  ships
  • oil and gas drilling equipment
  • medical  electronics
Since we are committed to supplying premium quality hi-rel products, we aim to provide all our customers with the highest level of service and technical support.

We use a flexible approach to the changing needs of our customer and