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Technical seminar for enterprises of rocket and space industry

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Technical seminar for enterprises of rocket and space industry 24.02.2016 00:00


2016.02.24 Sumitomo_Технический семинар для предприятий РКП

On  February 18,  2016 at the invitation of the International Association of Space activities Participants (IASP) SD Solutions experts held a technical seminar on the topic “Modern discrete microwave components based on GaN and GaAs for use in onboard spacecraft equipment”. The seminar was attended by 37 specialists from 16 enterprises of Russian rocket and space industry. Presentations at the seminar were made by the representatives of Japan company Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations.

Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations company is a division of Sumitomo Electric Industries corporation and manufactures  monolithic small-signal and high-power microwave transistors and IC for operation in the frequency range from 0 to 100 GHz. The company develops and manufactures microwave products on technological processes GaN and GaAs. Main applications of Sumitomo products are space technology, telecommunications equipment, radars. Products are certified for compliance with the requirements of the space agencies of Japan (JAXA) and the military standard MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-STD-750.

In their reports the experts of Sumitomo told the audience about modern technologies of microwave components production, serial GaN/GaAs products for use in spacecraft and satellite stations, examples of  successful applications in space programs. Special attention in the program of the seminar was paid to ensuring quality control in the production of components for space applications in accordance with the requirements of JAXA and MIL standards.

The seminar participants in their feedback forms appreciated the technical level of the presentations and noted the usefulness and necessity of such seminars in the future.


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